Bonner of Ireland, renowned for its commitment to quality and heritage in Irish knitwear, sources its exceptional wool from the masterful artisans at Donegal Yarns. This collaboration highlights a dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and enduring traditions. The wool undergoes numerous stages to evolve from raw material into the premium yarn utilised in their knitwear.

Sourcing the Wool: 

The process begins with the selection of various types of wool to cater to the specific requirements of different garments. This wool is primarily provided by Donegal Yarns, a local artisanal producer celebrated for their distinctive tweed effect yarns.

Sorting and Scouring: 

Specialists like Gerard and Seamus at Donegal Yarns painstakingly sort and cleanse the wool to ready it for subsequent processing.


The wool is then transferred to the dye house where it is imbued with vibrant, enduring colours under the expert supervision of Joseph O’Donnell. The colour palette is inspired by the local scenery, with hues that echo the natural environment.


At this stage, different colours and types of fibres are uniformly mixed to ensure consistent shade and texture. This blending is crucial for maintaining the high quality of the final yarn.


The fibres are aligned through a process called carding, which involves drawing the wool through fine metal teeth to straighten and prepare it for spinning.

Spinning the Yarn: 

Following carding, the fibres are spun into yarn, a process that involves extending and twisting the fibres to achieve the desired thickness and strength.

Winding into Hanks and Scouring Again: 

The yarn is wound into hanks and subjected to another round of scouring. This cleaning stage includes multiple washes to ensure the yarn is free from impurities and ready for knitting. The yarn is then packaged into various forms, such as cones, balls, or skeins, depending on customer requirements, before being stored or dispatched.

The partnership between Bonner of Ireland and Donegal Yarns exemplifies the rich textile heritage of Ireland. By overseeing every stage of the wool production process, Donegal Yarns ensures that each skein not only bears the hallmark of Irish tradition but also bolsters the local economy and artisanal skill. This process not only yields yarn; it weaves the narrative of a community committed to excellence and authenticity.

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Experience pure Irish craftsmanship with our meticulously handcrafted goods, originating from the heart of Ardara, Co. Donegal. Indulge in the luxury of our carefully curated designs, exclusively crafted using the finest Donegal wool, sourced from our local wool producer, Donegal Yarns.

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