Looking for a gift that screams Irish? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful knitwear jumper!

What is Irish knitwear?

Knitwear is a high quality fabric made from wool or cashmere. Bonner of Ireland jumpers are made from the finest merino wool and goat cashmere. Merino wool comes from the finest sheep and is softer than regular wool. Cashmere is a fibre obtained by cashmere goats and is a durable yet cosy material.

How will this gift remind you of Ireland?

Let me explain how…Our materials are from raw Irish materials and our colour palette is picked based on the scenic views in Adara, Co.Donegal.

In a little thatch roofed cottage, with the fire blazing and smoke bellowing from the chimney. A warm cup of Irish Baileys coffee in both hands, you step outside to take in the view of the elegant palette of greens and browns, the trees, the hills and Glengesh mountains that surround you. Sheep in the distance and a type of peace and serenity that only the views in Ireland can bring. As you close your eyes and take a deep breath of the fresh crisp dewy mountain air and your hands feel slightly cold but your body is toasty and warm, as you can feel the soft cashmere sweater against your skin. You feel a sense of safety and comfort. With your feet firmly on the ground and your senses alive with a sense of Irish spirit, this is the feeling of owning a Bonner of Ireland  product. When wearing the selection of men’s jumpers and women’s jumpers, you feel like your right there, in the North West of Donegal.

What is the best Irish Gift for Men?

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What is the best Irish Gift for Women?

Check out the most popular selling women’s Jumpers below

Bonners of Ireland knows and appreciates Irish ancestry and we aware that heritages stretch far and wide across the globe. We have customers in the USA to Canada to Australia who have generational relatives that were Irish and somehow down the line have Irish in their blood. Each with their own ancestry and stories to tell, we would like to help each customer carry a little bit of Ireland with them wherever they choose to go. A luxurious range of knitwear, men’s jumpers and women’s jumpers alike, is the perfect Irish gift for any occasion.

High quality products, that are truly a wonderful gift and a gift to remember.

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