Ireland has been producing knitwear for generations, employing techniques from one industry to create new designs with unique color palettes. With designers merging tradition-driven fashion into statement silhouettes, Ireland is the place to go if you are looking for a piece of original artwork.

The work and stories behind each piece will make your heart smile with joy as skilled artisans bring attention to Ireland’s rich history in their craftsmanship.

Celebrating the work and stories of skilled craftspeople is an integral part of who we are. Gifted crafters have always occupied a special place in Irish culture, so it’s no surprise that this festival is dedicated to them!

Bonner Irish Knitwear for Christmas

Bonner has a range of beautiful products perfect for Christmas gifting. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional Aran jumper, or something more contemporary, they have got you covered.

So, take a look at the Bonner products today. You might find the perfect Christmas present!

Abradere Cardigan

Abradere Cardigan is perfect for those cool Christmas evenings. The soft wool and angora blend keeps you warm, while the moss stitch pattern makes it stylish.

You can button up or leave it open with a few buttons releasing some of that tempting décolletage goodness on show in all its glory. But wait until someone sees how sexy we feel when we walk down Main Street looking sleek as hell. Who doesn’t love feeling good about themselves!

Two pockets make this cardigan even more functional. In addition, you can store your phone or keys conveniently located at chest height, so there will always be easy access.

This cardigan has been designed with the natural beauty of Ireland in mind. Inspired by Loughrosmore Bay, it is the perfect blend between tradition and innovation that can withstand anything life throws at you.

Cornelius Jumper

What’s more Irish than an Aran jumper? This Aran jumper is perfect for those who love the look of Ireland without having to go there.

Artisans use 100% Italian-spun superfine wool to knit this jumper. It features a ribbed crew neck and chunky statement cable, just like we love them.

Aran jumper is part of the Bonner of Ireland Heritage range of classic clothes as good today as back in the 1800s.

Luckily, you can now own a piece of Irish history with this Aran jumper online in Christmas 2021.

Cuirass Jumper

The intarsia jumper is a perfect accessory for the colder months. The subtle purl stitch pattern combined with shaped panels creates an exciting look that will make you stand out at any Christmas party.

This unique garment also features details, which gives off unexpected yet beautiful contrasts due to its hand-rolled edges, and the Italian superfine wool/angora blend material used on the handles makes it super soft against the skin.

Noise Jumper

This beautiful and stylish jumper will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe this Christmas. You’ll love its simple yet elegant design. Made from 100% Italian superfine wool paired with ethically sourced angora for that luxurious feel you’re looking for in a budget-friendly piece of clothing.

The purl stitch pattern combined here creates an interesting contrast between light colors to achieve subtle detail. This one will be sure not to go unnoticed on your torso, which makes every inch pop without being overbearing or too busy.

It’s time to get your yarn on and make it yours this Christmas season!

Luchramán Jumper

The Irish artisans use the finest Donegal wool to make these classic jumpers. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Irish or live in the southwest of Donegal to get a hold of this exclusive Christmas knitwear.

The jumper captures all the character and color of our surroundings as it resides on South-West Donegal soil. Yet, at the same time, it offers warmth for comfort with its simple shape and cables considered details to make it easy to wear.

Ratha Jumper

The Ratha Jumper is made of 50% superfine wool, 30% silk, 20% cashmere, making it an exclusive Christmas knitwear in 2021.

It has an elegant design that will look and feel great on your skin. This Bonner of Ireland sweater will make you feel cozy and rich too.

The handle-like texture makes handling easy while providing a delicate sparkle against any outfit.

Owenea Jumper

Nothing is more iconic than a classic Donegal style finished in beautiful colors and patterns for anyone who wants an Irish-themed Christmas gift. This jumper with beautiful colors captures all the character of the surroundings of South-West Ireland.

It offers warmth for comfort while still being light enough that you can move quickly. You can wear it all day long. The perfect addition to your Christmas wardrobe, whether at home or on vacation abroad.

Emblem Jumper

The cable jumper will make you feel like the most stylish man in town with its beautiful wool fabric and authentic Donegal Tweed design. So, the crew neck jumper is a must-have for your wardrobe this Christmas.

Made from 100% superfine wool fabric, it features an authentic Donegal Tweed inlay panel and matching cuffs to make sure you stand out at Christmas parties.

With its sleek, minimalist design and high-quality materials, the signature cable panel portrays the epitome of style. We stand for consumers’ rights to know where their products come from as well as how they’re made so that you can make informed decisions about which product best suits your needs—all while protecting our environment!

Why Choose Bonner of Ireland?

The Bonner family has produced high-quality knitwear in Ireland for many years.

Bonner doesn’t just sew together some fabric and call it a day. Instead, the products are made with natural materials like merino wool, alpaca, cashmere—the best stuff in this world.

The skilled artisans at Bonner know how to use them, so you can enjoy our high-quality knitwear while feeling part of Ireland too.

Customers don’t just wear Bonner knitwear; they acquire an understanding of Irish heritage, tradition, and ideals passed on through generations before us.

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