Bonner Of Ireland

Within each thread, a history. Within each weave, a story

Bonner Of Ireland

Within each thread,
a history.
Within each weave,
a story

Who we are?

Bonner of Ireland is a family company committed to using  traditional crafts to produce quality knitwear from the finest of yarns.

We believe in sustainable design and innovation to provide a product and service that fulfils and exceeds the needs of our customers. A person who wears a Bonner product will have acquired a sense of the heritage, tradition, and ideals of Donegal in Ireland.

Bonner of Ireland - Location 2b


Where we live and work are always the inspiration for our creations. Here the quality, colours, and styles of Bonner’s garments are born. Together, they work, a team bound by the rhythms of loom and needle, their craft a testament to sustainable design and innovation. 

To wear a Bonner’s creation is to wrap oneself in the essence of Ireland, to carry the deep-rooted traditions of Donegal close to one’s heart. In every thread, a piece of history; in every weave, a story. 

Our wool

We source our wool from local artisan wool producers: Donegal Yarns. They operate a complete vertical production process from raw wool, through dyeing, blending, carding and spinning to a finished multi-colour flecked yarn targeted at the weaving, knitting and craft industries. All products are made in Ireland with production carried out in our wool spinning mill in Kilcar, Co Donegal, Ireland.

Bonner of Ireland - Our Wool


Explore Bonner of Ireland’s Men’s Knitwear, where tradition meets quality. Experience the heritage of Ireland with our sustainable, innovative designs, tailored to meet the discerning needs of the modern man. Elevate your style and let our knitwear tell a story of tradition and excellence.


Immerse yourself in the elegance of Irish tradition with Bonner of Ireland’s Women’s Knitwear. Our garments are crafted using only the finest yarns, with each piece embodying a blend of sustainable design and timeless craftsmanship, perfect for the woman who cherishes both style and heritage.

FRom the DIARY

Bonner of Ireland: Every stitch tells a story – Part 2

Bonner of Ireland: Every stitch tells a story – Part 2

Introduction Continuing our exploration of Irish knitting, we delve into more intricate stitches that define the artistry and heritage of Irish wool sweaters. This article focuses on the Honeycomb, Moss, Tree of Life, and Trellis stitches, each offering unique designs...

Bonner of Ireland: Every stitch tells a story – Part 2

Irish knitting is rightly celebrated for its rich history of storytelling and craft, none more so than then its many wonderful and intricate patterns. Each stitch carries cultural significance, often tied to the environment and lifestyle of the landscape that inspires it. This article delves into four foundational stitches: Basket, Blackberry, Cable, and Diamond, highlighting their unique designs and symbolic meanings.

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