There are a couple of main ideas of layering that most people adhere to. The first and most important is wearing lots of loose layers—the key word here being “loose.” The insulated air that circulates between each layer is what’s actually keeping you warm. The more active you plan to be, the fewer layers you should wear. 

The second idea is that good body circulation is the key to warmth. The key is to balance the number of layers of clothing that will still allow you a great deal of mobility. Donning several layers of clothing will not do you any good if you block off your circulation. 

Best Fabrics to Use to Keep Yourself Warm 

When it comes to keeping yourself warm, cotton should be the last on your list. This is because it has virtually zero moisture-wicking properties. So instead, make sure that the fabric closest to your skin is made of synthetic fabrics or merino wool. 

Moisture-wicking fabrics are so important because of their ability to pull moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries. In addition, moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric, which makes it easier to evaporate. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics when it comes to choosing the right type of clothes to keep yourself warm, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort for  style this winter or the upcoming spring. Instead, you can stay warm while being stylish by following the tips below: 

Learn to layer your clothes. 

Layering is the art of mixing and matching different articles of clothing to achieve both style and the goal of keeping yourself warm. Layering is THE KEY to staying warm and looking sharp during cold weather. By simply wearing pieces of clothing on top of one another, such as wearing a sweater on top of a button-down shirt and throwing a puffer jacket on top, it’s a terrific way to add interest and complexity to your winter and early spring outfits by playing around with different textures and patterns. 

It will also help you stay snug and cozy whatever the weather. 

One of the basic principles for layering clothes is always wearing thin layers on the inside and thicker layers on the outside. So, for example, a sweater goes on top of a shirt, and then a thick jacket goes on top of the sweater, etc. This creates a balanced look and makes it easy to remove the top layers if it gets warmer.

Another thing to consider is choosing which type of knitwear is essential when layering for winter. One of the best fabrics out there is wool. Wool reacts to your body’s temperature, which means that it will keep you warm while keeping you from overheating. It’s also odourless and water-resistant. 

Lastly, since winter outfits are on the bulkier side, stick to slim jeans and trousers to create more balance. 

Invest in high-quality knitwear. 

A good-quality sweater (made from materials like wool, cashmere, or cotton) will keep you warm, dry, and comfy AND stay with you for much longer than a season. 

There’s a sweater out there that will go perfectly with any style and outfit. This collection from Bonner of Ireland is a great place to start looking for high-quality Irish knitwear. 

One of our classic styles finished in a Donegal yarn which is reminiscent of South West Donegal is this owenea jumper. If you’re looking for something made of Italian wool, then this cuirass jumper is the perfect piece. Another piece made from Italian wool is this abradere cardigan. This piece conveys the idea that pieces should be timeless and is part of Bonner of Ireland’s Heritage range. 

Here’s a short guide to help you get started on which stylish knitwear to choose on certain occasions: 

  • Casual, sporty look— choose a half-zip sweater or a thick, cable-knit crew neck.
  • Classy, modern outfit— wear a turtleneck or a roll-neck sweater. Go for a slim fit that will highlight your silhouette and shoulders. 
  • To achieve a smart-casual look—throw a crew neck or a v-neck sweater on top of your favourite button-down shirt. 
  • For a sophisticated yet relaxed look—choose a shawl neck cardigan.

Choose the right coat

Your coat is usually the first piece of clothing that people will notice about you. Being the outermost layer, it usually sets the tone for the rest of your wardrobe. So, beyond the aesthetic factor, choose the coat that not only fits your style but is also functional and practical. 

When choosing the perfect coat, do not hesitate to invest in pieces that are made of high-quality materials. You want these coats to keep you warm, not just for one winter season but for all the winters that will come. Again, the best coats are made of wool for reasons already stated above. A wool overcoat is always a great choice! It looks refined and elegant and will keep you well protected from the elements. 

When choosing a coat, it’s best to opt for neutral colours like grey, charcoal, or camel, as those will get on well with most other colours, making it easier to layer pieces together. 

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Winter or the cold season is often a wonderful opportunity to unleash your inner fashionista. 

This is the perfect time to showcase your long-hidden collection of scarves, turtlenecks, mittens, high boots, and leg warmers. 

You wouldn’t want to catch some frostbite in the middle of winter, right? No one wants to shake a hand that feels like an icicle. So, if you’re heading to a meeting or plan to shake a few hands while going out, please wear gloves so you won’t scar the person you’re meeting with forever. 

Some of the accessories worth having are a pair of leather gloves, a tartan scarf, a good old tweed cap, and a fun pair of long socks that perfectly suits your style. 


Dressing up during the cold season can sometimes be a chore, but we hope that the task will be more manageable with this guide. Of course, what’s important is choosing the right clothes with much functionality and those that match your style. But, of course, comfort is still one of the main considerations in choosing your winter clothes. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality yet fashionable and traditional knitwear, Bonner of Ireland is a great place to start your collection. You can visit their entire collection here. 

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