Looking to stock your wardrobe with some stylish knitwear to wear year-round? Some of the must-have designs out there is traditional Irish knitwear. These come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and designs. They will provide warmth and add versatility, simplicity, and wearability to your wardrobe, making you the most stylish person in town. Here’s our guide if you really want to know how to choose a knitted jumper. 

Understand The Different Types of Knitted Jumpers

The first step is to determine which sorts of jumpers are available and which ones you favour.

If you enjoy putting together looks by layering clothes on top of each other, investing in some cardigans, turtlenecks, or oversized jumpers such as this Interlace Snood and Hat will be ideal.

Crewnecks are terrific if you want knitwear with a loose fit and an effortless neckline. And for an event, you can never go wrong with cable-knit jumpers. These are available in elegant and serious, yet cheery, and seasonal designs such as this Noise Jumper for people looking for a stylish piece.

Another type of knitwear is the knitted dress. These are dresses that can serve as outfits on their own. If it’s cool but not very chilly, you can simply put one of these on with some lovely booties or runners. But if the outside temperatures are too low, layer over leggings or opaque tights and pair them with boots. 

Knitted dresses are both comfortable and stylish and can be worn for any occasion, even for work. These are a must-have for every lady’s wardrobe, as they are appropriate for absolutely every season.

Consider Patterns 

While some jumpers have a plain, smoothed-over appearance, such as this Ratha Jumper, others boast eccentric textures and patterns that earn them recognition. Patterned knitwear like this Cuirass Jumper looks great as statement items in an outfit. When contemplating these jumper types, look for those that can be effortlessly paired with other pieces already available in your closet. This will guarantee that you maximise the value of your knitwear. 

Find The Best Fit

Making sure you obtain the appropriate fit is another way to guarantee you get the most benefit from your knitwear. Big, enormous jumpers are popular right now, but they can also drown you out. Properly fitting knitwear should complement your ensembles. Look for well-fitting pieces, especially around the sleeves and shoulders.

Consider The Colour

 Colour should undoubtedly be considered while shopping for women’s clothing. The right place to start the colour coordination is your skin tone, then your hair colour. Pick knitwear with tints and hues that look best on you. But also make sure the colours make you feel the most confident. Beautiful tones of cream, green, red, and orange are all excellent choices for colder weather.

For example, this women’s Cuirass Jumper, available in various colour combinations, incorporates a nuanced purl stitch design with curved intarsia panels, as well as open stitch features for a subtle yet striking contrast.

Picture The Different Ways You Can Wear And Style It

One reliable way to determine whether a knitted jumper is worth getting is to think about how it will look with your existing wardrobe. If you can brainstorm at least five distinct ways to put it on and style it up, then you should definitely get it! 

Of course, this calls for outside the box thinking and doing it your own way. Picture layering it over a blouse and skirt or just a dress. The more adaptable a jumper is with your existing wardrobe, the more you’ll be able to use it. 

For example, you can wear this Interlace Snood and Hat with the hat on and use the snood as a scarf when temperatures fall outside. Alternatively, you can leave the hat at home and use the sod to cover your head. 

Prioritise Natural Fibres

 Many commercial jumpers are fashioned from acrylic and its mixes, making them simple to wash and care for but less breathable and comfy. They also don’t last long. The secret to buying women’s clothing that lasts longer is to avoid synthetic fibres comprising acrylic, polyester, and rayon.

Natural materials, such as cotton, merino wool, alpaca, cashmere, and linen make the best knitwear. Cotton is still the best knitting material, and women’s traditional Irish cotton knitwear is easy to come by. Wool is a guaranteed material to keep warm and snuggly, and cashmere delivers an unrivalled sense of luxury and comfort. 

As you look for the perfect Irish knitwear, prioritise these comfy and durable fibres. Before purchasing a knitted jumper, you should caress it to get a sense of the material. You should avoid anything that feels cheap and rough.

If you cannot afford 100% natural fibre knitwear, you can go for a blend. For example, you can find a super cool jumper that’s 50% Superfine Wool, 30% Silk, and 20% Cashmere-like this patterned women’s unique intarsia jumper.

Choose Comfortable Pieces

Overall, determining how comfortable a piece of knitwear is, is the most crucial part of picking stuff to add to your wardrobe. Feel free to get a few comfortable women jumpers if that’s what you prefer. For those of you with a thing for cable knits, check out our collection of the best traditional knitwear Ireland has to offer and pick what appeals to you. 

Ultimately, it’s all about individual tastes and what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Please don’t pay for something that feels cheap and scratches your body when you put it on. 


While most knitwear is designed for the colder times of the year, many are suitable for all-year-round use. Check out our collection of traditional Irish knitwear. 

Whether they are a specific colour, contain a specific design, are made of a specific fabric, or blend various natural fibres, these jumpers are suitable for year-round usage, whether to stay warm or just look stylish at the office or back home for an evening out.

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