Everyday we breathe in the beauty of our local area. When we step foot outside our factory, nestled in the low hills of County Donegal, we are surrounded by a landscape that boasts a unique palette and texture. 

The rugged coastline, rolling hills, and lush greenery of this region offer an endless source of inspiration. The earthy browns and greens, the deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean, and the myriad shades of the sky from dawn to dusk are mirrored in the colours of Bonner’s knitwear. 

The influence of the landscape is not just in the colours but also in the designs – the patterns mimic the intertwining paths of the hills, the flow of the rivers, and the intricate details of the flora found in Donegal​​. Each garment tells a story, reminiscent of a specific aspect of Donegal’s natural beauty. 

The use of local wool from artisan producers, such as Donegal Yarns, further embeds the essence of the landscape into each piece​. When one wears a piece of Bonner knitwear, they are not just putting on a garment; they are embracing a piece of Donegal, its history, its landscape, and its spirit.  

This deep connection between the land and the loom at Bonner of Ireland is what makes our garments truly unique – each stitch a story, each colour a memory.

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