Father’s Day, the day that honours and celebrates fathers, fatherhood, and the impact fathers make on their kids as a whole, is right around the corner. It’s a day to thank all of one’s fathers and honorary fathers in one’s life. This year, it will be celebrated on June 19th. But how can you find the ideal present for your father? Most dads aren’t in the habit of compiling detailed wish lists as mothers do. Furthermore, they never appear to desire anything anyway. 

Nonetheless, there are some excellent Father’s Day gifts available. From golf equipment to running shoes, grilling equipment, beer packs, shirts, and his favourite football club T-shirts, there’s a unique gift option for every budget and dad. It just takes some digging. You can even get them new wheels if you have the money. Here is a guide to the best Father’s Day gift ideas for Irish dads.  

Traditional Men’s Irish Emblem Jumper 

This €349 distinctive style cable jumper, handcrafted from luxuriously soft Superfine Wool, is a perfect present for all seasons, including the cooler summer days, to showcase supreme style and classic taste. It features original Donegal Tweed embroidery and complementing cuff and collar detail. It is created and manufactured in Ardara and will appeal to any Irish father who enjoys crewneck style knitwear. This Bonner of Ireland jumper is available in Sandstone/Seaweed and Granite/Shale. 

Trinity Knot Cufflinks 

These lovely Irish cufflinks boast sterling silver material and are handcrafted right here in Ireland. They are the perfect gifts for dads to add a Celtic touch to their formal look. 

Rhodium Celtic Knot Cufflinks 

These lovely Irish cufflinks are also made right here in Ireland and feature a lovely Celtic knot shape. The ideal Irish present for dads to style up that ordinary shirt. 

Deluxe Lunch Cooler Bag 

This €24 deluxe lunch cooler is the ideal size for your father to take to work, job site, or any other outdoor outing. The primary storage area is big enough to fit a 6-pack and won’t let the meals or snacks get cold because it’s insulated. An extra insulated chamber in the upper dome is for storing fruits and veggies, ensuring great organisation. 

There’s also a zippered section at the front for keeping utensils and sauces. The bag’s sides are soft, but the heavy-duty Rain Defender material is durable. Triple-needle stitching, water-repellent inside cloth, and YKK zippers help keep everything safe. Get this bag for your dad to pack healthy, eat healthily and stay healthy. It comes with an ID tag.

Luchramán Jumper 

This €149 classic design jumper is made from gorgeous Donegal yarn that embodies the character and colour of South West Donegal’s surroundings. The simple design and cables are thoughtful details, making this jumper comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. This pullover, from Bonner of Ireland’s Cornel collection, comes in orange and blue so that dads can pair it with their navy jeans. 

Abradere Cardigan 

This lovely piece of traditional Irish knitwear would also make a great father’s present this year. It’s a super-soft wool and angora mix cardigan that combines a moss stitch profile with a curved ribbed collar. The texture and design are inspired by the inlets surrounding Loughrosmore Bay. It comes in two colours, Pearl and Terra, and features a button fastening and two pockets. 

Owenea Jumper 

One jumper is not enough for any father. You don’t want to be the person whose dad spots only one jumper all the time. This €99 medium-weight jumper, available in blue and brown, will make a great addition to your dad’s wardrobe. The classic design jumper is knitted in Donegal yarn and reflects the colour and character of South West Donegal surroundings. This jumper is from the Cornel collection by Bonner of Ireland and is easy to wear for any occasion. 

Large Portable BBQ 

This lightweight BBQ grill from Gentlemen’s Hardware is easy to set up and ultra-portable. Get it for your dad so he can enjoy picnics whenever his adventures take him. It has a blue powder-coated finish, clasps to keep it closed, and an integrated grill and coal holder for spectacular barbecues anywhere. It ships right from Dublin, and you can also include a personalised greeting card.

Any Name, Any Message – Personalised Claw Hammer 

Dads are always helping around the home, and what better way to show them that you appreciate their help than with a personalised claw hammer? With just the right message inscribed, this €21.95 practical tool can turn into a gift to be cherished forever.

Personalised Mugs

Father’s Day is also an opportunity to add some personalised mugs to your kitchen press. You can get this affordable one that includes your photos and says Happy Father’s Day, or better yet, just get the usual Best Dad Ever Personalised Mug that can be used on any occasion. 

Happy Father’s Day Chocolate 

Who said chocolates are for Mother’s Day only? Dads, too, love to indulge in sweet treats from time to time. 

The Father’s Day chocolate box from gifts.ie is loaded with 30 chocolates, including Simply Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Raspberry Creme, Chocolate Orange, Rich Praline, and LeCrunch Chocolat. It is shipped directly from Dublin, and a personalised greeting card can be included. However, keep an eye out for any sensitivities by checking the ingredients list.

The Quiet Man Brown Herringbone & Grids Flat Cap 

This traditional Irish flat cap is also a great Father’s Day gift. The textile is woven by Mucros Weavers in the county of Kerry. The delicate grey/brown balanced colour of the 100% wool makes it the ideal accent for that classic Irish appearance and could be paired with a piece of Irish knitwear from Bonner of Ireland for a traditional but stylish look. 


Father’s Day is just around the corner, but with the above gift ideas and a little research, it shouldn’t be hard to get something great for your dad and those honourary father figures in your life. On Bonnerofireland.com, you will be able to find a selection of premium knitwear that your dad can enjoy, not just on Father’s Day, but all year long. We hope you take pleasure in the day, and please feel free to let us know other fine gift ideas you find.

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