Ireland is famous for its rolling, green landscape, ancient history, and distinctive, knitted sweaters. In Ireland, sweaters are also called “jumpers” and often feature intricate and elaborate knitted designs.

The best traditional Irish, woolen sweaters are made of natural, undyed wool. However, luxury Irish cable-knit sweaters are also made from super-soft merino, alpaca, and cashmere wools. They are not only warm and comfortable but also timelessly stylish.

The tradition of cable-knit sweaters originated on the Aran Islands, just off the west coast of Ireland. The historic, Aran Islands are steeped in mystery, being inhabited since prehistoric times. Islanders scraped out a living by harvesting seaweed, and by collecting whatever washed ashore the islands. The Aran Islands also have a history as a spiritual center with the founding of the Killeany monastery in 490 AD. It was a center of pious learning and spiritual asceticism.

Traditional Aran Island sweaters used unscoured, undyed wool that had natural lanolin oils. This created a warm, nearly waterproof sweater that remained comfortable even when wet. In the damp, misty climate of the Aran Islands, that is invaluable.

Today, high-quality, traditionally knitted sweaters are also made ashore, in South West Donegal County. It’s a wild, untainted region of Ireland that holds to traditions of quality and a reverence for nature. Timeless traditional Irish wool sweaters dress you beautifully, with the warmth that made Ireland famous.

We upholds the tradition of quality, Aran Island sweaters made of soft, natural merino, alpaca, and cashmere wools.

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